Smart, Functional Couches

PGS creates, produces, and supplies practical items such as couches, armchairs, and sofa-beds, to cater to various budgets. Collaborating with prominent figures in cross-channel retail, PGS offers contemporary products that adapt to changing market demands.

Leading specialty retailers have placed their trust in PGS, a testament to our successful approach. Our company designs and manufactures products that have proven to be winners, boasting appealing designs aligned with market trends and customer needs. Our meticulous manufacturing process is fully integrated into our production units.

Environmental preservation is also a priority at PGS. The company has initiated efforts to recycle discarded foam and fiber to reuse them as cushion filling, and incorporating new raw materials with certifications such as FSC and OEKO-TEX. Additionally, we focus on creating designs that minimize the carbon footprint of our products.

Designing, sharing, creating, inspiring

In the Paris suburbs, at the vast 3,000 m² showroom, the company's complete creativity and dedication are showcased. Over 200 new models are presented annually, making it the focal point for all the company's marketing proficiency. The showroom serves as a hub for the company's design team, marketing specialists, and sales representatives, offering daily access to the guidance and innovative services customers anticipate.

In its two Romanian production facilities, PGS hones its substantial expertise in cutting and sewing, structure conception, and upholstery.

The manufacturing processes undergo regular optimization and refinement, demonstrating heightened responsiveness and enhanced quality. The company's mantra is vertical integration, incorporating powerful, faster, and more reliable industrial tools. This enhanced flexibility from vertical integration translates into daily dividends, steadily elevating the level of service, much to the satisfaction of clients.

At PGS, we're determined to deliver a great customer experience and contribute to a more sustainable future.