Practical and Innovative Furniture

Specializing in wardrobe solutions, kitchen cabinets, worktops and more, Alsapan is a French industrial leader whose know-how is no longer in doubt.

The company's origins lie in an industrial vision launched in 1972 by Joseph Strub, a carpenter from Alsace. This vision has been passed down from generation to generation, and Alsapan still retains the fundamental family values that continue to guide our corporate culture: long-lasting relationships with all our partners, preservation of our environment, rational management of our resources, and industrial innovation that enables us to increase our productivity and better serve our customers.

Our integrated team of designers finds the right balance between consumer expectations, product eco-design and the industrialization process. Then, our design office and materials purchasing department design the product architecture, looking for pragmatic and eco-responsible solutions, while taking into account the final cost of the furniture and its recyclability. Last but not least, other members of our manufacturing team are involved in guaranteeing the impeccable industrial quality of the products we put on the market, offering consumers the assurance of acquiring a quality product with respect for people and the environment.

Every year, our three factories produce over six million pieces of furniture. We constantly renew the design, colors and functionality of our furniture to anticipate consumers' changing needs and lifestyles.

Alsapan stands for functional, affordable furniture, proudly designed and manufactured in France
with recognized expertise.