Custom Couches
on Demand

GREENCORP creates and conceptualizes couches tailored to your preferences that you're sure to adore! We specialize in crafting unique custom couches, catering to the needs of even the most discerning customers because every individual is unique and deserves products that meet the highest standards.

At GREENCORP, we never settle for easy solutions, but always pursue emotional connections, and stay attuned to market trends. These guiding principles form the foundation of GREENCORP, a company built on values such as high standards, curiosity, attentiveness, and responsiveness. Our singular objective is to offer customers exquisite, cozy products—couches with meticulous craftsmanship designed to captivate.

With a team of 120 dedicated employees, GREENCORP takes pride in their passion for working with premium fabrics, as well as crafting flawless mechanisms. Every stage of the process, from design to production, involves harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise of the company to create durable, comfortable products that guarantee satisfaction.

As a trusted ally to its clients, GREENCORP is dedicated to understanding its customers and transforming their requirements into tangible solutions. This adept sales approach, marked by adaptability and quick responsiveness, propels the company's advancement in both product quality and the range of services offered, encompassing tailored couch designs to commercial agility.

GREENCORP is an eco-conscious company and a dedicated participant, fostering a genuine team culture and excellence built on trust and the empowerment of the individuals working within the organization. Professionalism and motivation are at the core of GREENCORP. The company emphasizes promoting the personal growth of its employees, fostering loyalty, and ensuring skill advancement through continuous training. These initiatives are implemented within the company to construct a production unit that is increasingly efficient, attentive, and dedicated to serving its customers.

The couches created by GREENCORP stand out for their uniqueness, functionality and exceptional comfort, the result of intelligent design.