Trendy Bathroom and Outdoor Furniture

Boasting a robust 40-year history in the DIY sector, Anavil stands out as a prominent B2B furniture designer, manufacturer, and supplier. Our commitment lies in crafting quality bathroom and outdoor furniture, characterized by superior design and craftsmanship. We proudly serve as a supplier to prominent retailers across 10 countries, extending our reach to hundreds of stores, all while maintaining highly competitive pricing.

Our focus lies in both new product development and collaborative product development, along with our in-house creation of unique design ranges. We cater to customers in search of retail-ready private label products, offering optimal solutions. Leveraging our broad expertise and diverse product range, we simplify the process for customers to discover the perfect fit for their needs.

Our product lines have evolved into top-performing items, driving robust sales and delivering high profit margins for our clients. We employ a smart approach to designs, materials (FSC certified), techniques, and, crucially, comprehensive quality management. This ensures that every completed product not only meets high-performance standards but also fully aligns with norms and regulations.

Maintaining a worldwide footprint, our main office is situated in Hong Kong, complemented by a design hub in France and a representation in Canada, and three sourcing hubs strategically positioned in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Production facilities span four countries in both Europe (Romania) and Asia (China, Indonesia, Vietnam). This extensive global reach positions us to provide efficient and effective solutions across various stages, including product design and development, production, quality control, and logistics.

At Anavil, our steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding products and value to our customers remains unwavering. We take pride in the privilege of collaborating with you to meet your distinctive needs and anticipate the establishment of enduring relationships grounded in mutual trust and respect.